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How to select grapes?

How to select grapes? It is grape listed season. Grape, the second-largest fruit production, it is popular with people. In order to buy delicious and fresh grape, I will share my experience about how to select sweet and tasty grapes with you as follows: 1.    Pick the natural matured grape . But how to decide the natural matured grape with the drug ripened ones? The grapes with uniform color and the same color are the drug ripened. The grapes which are color variegation and are red, green or purple are matured naturally. In addition, choose the loose string which particle is less and hard, they are sweet. The tight one is mot good. Because they have the less sunlight and less sugar conversion, so they are sweetless. 2.    Many people think the grapes with hoarfrost are fresh. In fact, the normal hoarfrost are the sugar frost which distribute naturally and even and don’t cover the color of grape skins itself, this can be explained as fresh and sweet grape . But now some spot is probably the resident of copper sulfate fungicide which appearance distribute uneven of dark blue. When eat, it is necessary to rinse with water to remove the residues of pesticides. 3.    Try the one most below.  There is a practical way to select grape is to eat the one which is at the bottom of the string. Generally speaking, the most below one is the sweetless. If it is sweet, the whole are very sweet.

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