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1 day late, and have my usual PMS symptoms (sore nips)? lots of advice please?

first off, we are TTC our first for 4 months. Yesterday i was due for my period and all i got was cramping like it was going to start (but the cramping yesterday was mild, and on and off), but usually the cramps are bad and just stay there until the next day.
Im thinking 50/50 i am and not pregnant.. one half is because i have my usual PMS symptom, which is sore nipples. But i have heard that you will still get your PMS symptoms even when pregnant???

also, the only different thing with my symptoms this time is hunger pains!
I have never experienced hunger pains, but i have heard that some ladies get this before they get there period.

anyway, could someone give me some advice?

Take a test. SInce you are trying pregnancy is a possibility.

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